18 Unique 5-year-old birthday party ideas for every parent.

Birthdays are the days when everyone gets excited about. Whether it’s a 5-year-old kid’s birthday party or an adult’s birthday party, everyone is thrilled by the idea of a party. People getting together, laughing, enjoying and doing stuff that makes them happy, all this on a birthday party !!

But what’s confusing is the conventional and monotonous ideas about the party. On top of it, if it’s a kid’s birthday party then it should be memorable and enjoyable. Everyone likes unique and innovative ideas. Nobody likes dull and boring parties. Here we have made a list of some amazing fun-filled ideas for the birthday party of a 5-year-old kid !!

kids birthday party ideas

Below is the 5-year-old boy & girl birthday party ideas Tips

  1. Blue for boys– It’s by default assumed that the blue colour is for boys.
    Let’s put this thought in some birthday party ideas for a 5-year-old boy. You can make your kid extremely happy by decorating the venue with a blue-coloured theme like blue balloons, blue decoration, everything blue, only you don’t have to feel blue !!
  2. Pink for girls– If blue is considered to be for boys then pink is assumed for girls by default. So, decorating the whole venue in a beautiful shade of pink is a damn good idea. This is an old but amazing birthday party idea for a 5-year-old girl!
  3. Artistic birthday party– You can opt for some good paint-me-good ideas for a 5-year-old birthday party. This painting can be done on a canvas or on a shirt worn by the kids !! This is not just fun but will also enhance the artistic skills of your child.
  4. Shoot the balloons– Shooting the balloons with a gun is liked by everyone, we must admit this even being adults. So, this can be equally applied to a kid’s birthday party. The guests including the parents are definitely going to love this idea.
  5. Superhero birthday party ideas– Superheroes are an eternal love of Every kid. Fascinated by these, if this idea is implemented in the birthday party of a 5-year-old kid, it would be seriously amazing. Either posters of Superheroes can be cut out or the invitees can be asked to dress up like Superheroes !! Either way, your kid will definitely love it.
  6. Disney theme– Decorating the whole venue in a beautiful theme of Disney characters is a very lovely idea. Disney is an all-time favourite of kids’. Having them at his/her birthday party can be very exciting. Either the posters can be cut out or the invitees can be asked to dress up as Disney characters like Elsa, Mermaid, Mickey mouse and many more !!
  7. Cake of the favourite character– Kids just love cake and it should be pretty good to make a party memorable. No need to go for the old, dull, boring shaped cakes. Now you can customize the cakes according to your taste, like the doll, favourite cartoon character of your 5-year-old or even you can get a picture of your kid on the cake.
  8. Give a surprise– Now you can make your kid super happy in the morning itself by either decorating the room while he is asleep or you can write a simple yet beautiful message on the mirror. So just when he enters the bathroom, the first thing he looks at is the amazing message left by you !! Now you can definitely estimate his happiness.
  9. Plan some adventure– You can make the birthday party of your 5-year-old kid very exciting by organizing a game of “Treasure hunt“. All you have to do is leave mysterious small hints to the big gift left by you at some regular spots. This game is loved by all the kids equally, so either you can plan it for your kid exclusively or for all the kids as a competition. The choice is yours but your kid will definitely love it.
  10. Wish from strangers– Kids just love flaunting off when it’s their birthday, they admire so much when a complete stranger wishes them. So, you can fix some stickers at the backside of your car, asking strangers to wish your kid!! This will make your kid not just happy but more amiable too towards the strangers.
  11. Balloons– balloons everywhere- Kids love being around balloons, there is no rocket science behind it. So, you can place balloons all over the roof your kid. The first thing he sees when he wakes up is the beautiful and colourful balloons !! He will instantly feel loved and adored. His birthday will become a memorable one.
  12. Planning properly– If you are considering throwing a big party to your kid then you should plan it well in advance. It shouldn’t be a messy one, but rather a smooth and amazing one. All the guests’ list should be planned well before as you would be required to send them invitations. So, the guest list, menu, decoration, venue, games etc. should be planned way before the day. This will enable you to enjoy the party pretty well without getting bothered about the dos and don’ts of the party.
  13. Games – Kids are fond of games. Be it any game, you should definitely include some kids’ games at the birthday party of your 5-year-old kid. These games should include adults as well because kids just like it a lot when the adults are also a part of the game they are playing. So, you can organize a chair race, dance competition, football, pass the parcel and many more games.
  14. Halloween– By the idea of a Halloween party, we definitely don’t want to scare the kids. But, kids love Halloween parties, why? Because of the candies that they get. So planning a Halloween themed party is also another great idea if your kid is fond of Halloween. Dress up as monsters or witches and get the candies for not getting recognized !!
  15. Hey joker– Kids adore the clowns dressed up beautifully in a colourful dress and doing things to make kids laugh !! So, make some arrangements to have a joker at the birthday party of your 5-year-old kid and then get ready to laugh along with all others.
  16. Magic– Children are just too innocent, they fall easily for any magic trick and also love it. They are so fascinated when we do a small magic trick in front of them !! Now imagine a magician at the party and doing magic !! Yeah, I know the kids will love it. So what are you waiting for? Call a magician at the birthday party and get enchanted by the amazing magic tricks.
  17. A puppet show– Yes, you can also organize a puppet show at the birthday party of your 5-year-old kid. The dancing puppets will mesmerize the kids and they will definitely love it. Besides, you can even plan for a puppet show directed by you !! This will be a bewildering gift to your lovable.
  18. Pets– Children are too friendly with the animals. They just love it when they are with the pets. So, to make it a unique birthday party, you can ask his/her friends to bring over their friendly pets along with them. This will mark a very different party with the kids and the pets playing side by side. However, one thing to make sure while planning for this party is that the pets should be extremely friendly to play with the kids. They shouldn’t be aggressive or notorious.

So, here we have discussed some amazing and unique ideas for the birthday party of a 5 year old kid. These ideas even though are for kids but these are equally loved by all.


Birthdays should be memorable and enjoyable. They should be filled with fun. Gone are the days with dull and boring birthday party ideas. Now with the advancement in technology, everyone should update himself to be a better version. Innovative ideas are winning over the Orthodox and conventional birthday party ideas. Kids love changes and only those parties are memorable which are filled with pure love, laughter and fun. Such parties are remembered for a longer time.

Parties need not be grand and extravagant, they should be planned in a grand way without creating holes in the pockets.

We have thereby discussed some amazing budget-friendly birthday party ideas and you can choose as many you like from these to throw an amazing birthday party for your kid.

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