20+ Unique First Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Amaze You.

As you enter into your one year of parenting and your toddler turns one you sure want the celebration to be grand and perfect or Searching for First birthday gift ideas. But what to gift? Toys, diapers, or baby set Nah such cliche. Here you are at the right place as we are going to discuss some out of the box gift ideas for your baby’s first birthday.

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This is a box having all the basic educational tools for a beginner. The letters of A, B, C, D then we have numbers, small words etc. The first pronunciation, phonetics can be learnt with the help of this article. These tools are usually colourful and very attractive; kids get attracted to these colourful items and are a great gift to your one year.

educational tools for toddler


You can gift your little one a photo frame depicting all his memories from the born day. The bars of the photo frame will also have his pictures and moments and will have nearly 100+ picture quantity to be filled with. Collect all his/her moments and give it to him/her at the 18th bash.

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photo frame for your babies first birthday


Customize a book having all your family members name, birthdays, jobs and relation they have with your child. This will bring you a little one close to his relative as well as he/she will learn about relationships and family values.

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toddler reading books


Soon are the days coming when ts time to walk and crawl. Gift him/her a walker and he will get support from it. Walking will be easy and risk will also be less.

gift a walker in babies first birthday


Why should the little one miss all the table talks just because he/she is the youngest? Nahh this is very much not justified. Gift a small dining chair to your little one which has a grip and a small table and places it in the ignitable for him/her to enjoy the family discussion.

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dining chair for toddler


This is a perfect gift for a crawler. You can also customise the tunnel it alphabets or anything you want your kid to have knowledge about. Here you can add maps, countries, state or anything. This customizable tunnel will help the toddler learn and also enjoy his/her day.

crawl tunnel gift to toddler


A musical gift is always been aa good option for kids. This instrument helps them be verse with music and different sounds. You can buy any type of piano-like pianos calling the name of animals and their sounds, them alphabets clour etc. This will help your kids learn while he or she is playing.

piano gift to babies first birthday


A wagon is a good option. Every day after paying he/she needs to put all his/her belongings to it. This habit will teach your kids to do his/her job by self. Plus colourful wagons are a good option as well to play with. Pulling the wagon is a fun activity.

wagon for toddler


Palm grip crayons are a really good option for your toddler. This will help him grip objects and also he will identify colours. Starting of scribbling at an early age is good. These crayons can be gripped easily in those little hands.

First Palm Grip Crayons for Toddlers


The pound is a very interesting place where your kids need to tap and beat the pegs this game encourages hand-eye coordination, concentration, imaginative play. This also develops muscle and body strength.

pound and tap hammer for toddler


This toy helps your kids to hold things. This improves the holding power in those little hands. If your kid throws or picks or say run behind the toy also this will improve the flex on the baby.

grasping toys for toddler


This is a set of blocks that the kid needs to arrange and maybe build a castle or house out of it. Maybe at the beginning, he will pay with it and a cannot really use it but once he learns to play it it is really useful. This develops concentration and patient’s level in your kid.

timber blocks for kids


Dimpl toy is a colourful block with different colours on it. These are not hard but a medium soft toy. Your kid can bite it also. This will make your kid’s teeth stronger.

dimpl toy to gift toddler


Klickity is a toy having 6 to 7 colour balls. The kids need to pull each ball. This will help in recognising colours and also pulling will help your kids arm to be strong. Also help in concentration, speaking power and remembering power.



This you can go for a customizable puzzle. If you are going for a customizable one then you can teach your kids whatever you want them to learn. Nowadays these options are available and come n set of 4, 6, 8 sheets hence this is a very innovative and a great gifting option.


This is mainly available as a form of cars but you can always go for custom made things. These toys give immense happiness to your kids, The pulling is a very fun activity and then seeing the toy move is another aspect of this game.


This is a chunk of blocks in rainbow colour and your kids need to arrange them according to VIBGYOR. This also helps is identifying colours. Some of the blocks have numbers and alphabets on it then it is an additional benefit.


A rider is always a good option. Many gifts have been discussed about learning and playing now you can also gift the munchkin this playful gift that is a rider. You can have the control over it and he can enjoy his ride in the lawn or garden maybe.


Well, this is again another customizable gift where you can plan a bucket or a soft toy full of different items and ask your kid to take out one thing at a time and name it or speak it aloud. This will help increase remembrance power.


Well beating a drum has always been a fun activity. The sound that it produces is the sound of joy. This also helps asking muscles strong and finger grip increase. This is a great playful activity.


A vet set is a good option where your kid will have different animals and will care for them. This gift will help your kid be passionate about animals and also will make him/her of a caring nature. Then it also is fun when played with family and grandparents.


Popsicles or ice cream shape is available with written numbers or alphabets. You can gain customize it as per your preference. This will also help your little munchkin to identify things.


This is also a great option for gifting as kids usually enjoy this game and it is really famous among toddlers/ this also comes with different food like bread, sausage, rice tec hence that also the kid can identify.


The swimming pool can be a good gifting option for your toddler because on Sundays he/she can enjoy a bath under the sun with all his/her toys. Also adding harmless colour, bubbles to this swimming pool adds joy to the playing. This comes in different colours with different types of toys and designs. You can also go for customizable pools.


Your toddler is definitely of the age that he/she can enjoy meals in your dinner set. Hence you can have a dinner set for the kiddo. These are usually small and come in handy. You can allow your kid to have his food on these sets spilling the food and enjoying it and also learning it will be enjoyable as well fun.


Well, a customizable pant, shirt or maybe socks or handkerchief is something that is a great option. You can add the caption as in like “one year old, many more to go..” and so on. This can be the dress of the special day.


The oven set is maybe similar to the cooking one but is generally different in the sense that here he/she will only have few options. You can buy kinds of stuff from his/her like tea, bread, omelette etc a pay something in exchange. This will let him/her to also learn the business of the world and methods that you need to pay something to have something.


Probably the most common gift you can have it for you little one. What’s a birthday even without a soft toy? You can have a big teddy bear or a small bunch of soft toys as per your wish. This is one of the most common options and can go for this also.


A comfortable sitting chair is a great option where your little one can sitting play o jump around. This is a comfortable as well as a good toy or gift you can have.


And the last one. Is it not a bit obvious? Of course, what’s a birthday even without a cake. You can make it a bit funny when you add flavours to the cake. The kid can have his/her taste buds tickle. May be lemon, bitter, sour, spicy and you can record his/her reactions to this amazing activity.

Final Verdict

These were al about some gifts ideas that you can have for your new year one biggie. But what is the most important gift that you can give you little one is immense immense love, care and good wish? This gift is the most important gift.

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