Top 10 Creative Quarantine birthday ideas for kids.

We know how special is your child to you! Every year you give your best to make their birthday as special as they are. But 2020 is such a year that everybody hates! Any social gathering may cause you and your loved one being on a hospital bed; credit goes to the infamous novel coronavirus. Nevertheless, we’re not letting this covid-villain steal the joy of celebrating when your little sweetheart hits a milestone.

covid birthday ideas for kids

Here I am going to share the best Quarantine birthday ideas for kids with you that you can implement even in the tough time of isolation and social distancing. Let’s dive in, and the coolest kid deserves the coolest birthday either! If you want to Get the exact brthday of your kid then put his/her Birthdate to How old am i, age calculator.

Bake the Cake to Make the Day Happening!

We all are habituated to order the cakes on our closed people’s birthdays. But, in this time of “new normal”, let’s do something that you don’t do now and then. Involve all members of your family to prepare your kid’s favourite flavour’s birthday cake. Baking a delicious birthday dessert from scratch will make your family spend a fantastic time with each other.

bake the cake for birthday

The birthday boy/girl will feel so special and pampered when the entire family will whip up his/her favourite sweet treat. You may also arrange a “bake a cake” competition among the members of your family. Here, friends and relatives will judge the desserts via video call. A gentle reminder: The best baker will always be the birthday boy/girl.

Decorate the Home with Balloon, Flower, and Your Love

Is there anything more joyful than waking up in a beautiful heavenly room on the morning of the birthday? The answer is “no!” therefore, we have fantastic birthday ideas for kids during quarantine related to this.

birthday home decoration

Your little one will prefer a room, beautifully arranged with fresh flowers and balloon banner than anything else. Decorate your entire house, especially the kid’s room with colourful flowers, balloons and DIY crafts when your child sleeps. And wait to see the brightest smile on his/her lips when she wakes up in the morning.

Movie Marathon

Done with baking cake and having yummy lunch? Now it’s time to relax. All you have to do is sitting back on the couch with a bucket of popcorn and let your child choose which movie you are going to watch together. Spending the evening by observing your child’s favourite movie will make you walk down the memory lane, for sure.

movie with your kids

What about Taking a Hike?

If the “movie marathon” idea doesn’t sound exciting for a birthday evening, then don’t worry! We have alternative quarantine birthday party ideas for kids. There are many national, state and city park are open now. You can choose a safe one from those for exploring and camping.

taking a hike with kids

Just check out the official website of Washington Parks to get detail information regarding safety and guidelines to follow during covid 19. Don’t forget to wear masks and carry sufficient sanitizer when you head on!

Include party poppers and homemade foods to the birthday ideas in quarantine for kids when you take a hike!

Let’s Make a “Yes Day!”

That day is one of the most special days in your child’s life. This is the perfect time to make all his dreams come true. If he requests ice cream for breakfast, say “yes!” Does he want to watch his favourite cartoon channel for extra 20 minutes? Grant it! Let your little sweetheart choose all the activities (within reason, definitely) and foods for th day.

yes day for the kids

This kind of birthday ideas during quarantine for kid will make their day. You both will never forget the joy that you earned by implementing it. Along with these, it will strengthen your kid’s decision making skill.

Zoom Game Night

You are doing the best to make your kid’s day. You can fulfil the celebration of the big day y adding your kid’s close friends. This covid situation has stolen the chance from the kids to have a party for being one year older with their best friends. You can compensate this with the quarantine birthday ideas for kid by hosting a video game party.

game day for child

There are several hot spots like Fortnite and Minecraft that create an impressive virtual bridge between your children and their friends so that they don’t miss their close friends anymore on their special days.

Order a Gift Online

Your kid is the most fantastic gift that you have ever received in your life. Henceforth, you must gift them a present to realize once again how beautiful your kid’s smile is! You may have the best birthday ideas for kids during quarantine, but a birthday is never complete without a birthday gift.

ordering gifts for kids

Create a Cute Video Compilation:

Request your relatives and friends to send video messages that convey their heartfelt birthday wishes. Now ask the tech-savvy family member to splice all the videos together into a great montage.

video compilation for kids

Just play the video montage while before the child crashes the birthday cake. Seeing the faces of loved ones on the big day and hearing their delightful messages, your child’s heart will be filled with joy.

It’s Time to Video Call

Now its time to implement one of the most beautiful birthday ideas in quarantine for kids! Ensure your child has a super special birthday by involving the people who are close to the little one’s heart but couldn’t attend the birthday party because of the covid 19. Make them a part of your kid’s big day. Arrange a group video call. Let everyone send his/her warm wishes to your kiddo.

video wishes for kids

All in All

You always do your best to make everything perfect on your kid’s birthday. But. the most precious gift for your child is your love and time. So, change your routine for the day and harvest your time. Spend time with your birthday star as much as they want. Pampering them and making them feel how lovable and special they are to you are the best ways to get them the best birthdays of their lives. Read here If you want more Kids Birthday party ideas.

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