Broadband Plans: This Dhansu Plan With A 200Mbps Speed Of Rs 400, Will Beat Jio Fiber!

Broadband Plans: This Dhansu Plan With A 200Mbps Speed Of Rs 400, Will Beat Jio Fiber!

Broadband Plans under 500: Want a great broadband plan at a low price that offers you great speed and plenty of data? So you will definitely like this news of ours today, today we are going to tell you about a plan coming in less than Rs 500 which will offer you a rocket-like speed of 200Mbps. Along with this, you will also give information about which broadband plans other companies have in comparison to this plan.

Excitel 200Mbps Plan: See Benefits

You must be thinking that we are talking about plans priced below Rs 500 in this article, so how to get a 200 MB per second plan in this range? You are right to think that earlier this was not possible but now it is possible, let us tell you that Excital has plans of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

If you take a plan with 200Mbps speed for 3 months, then you will spend Rs 592 per month, if you buy for 6 months then it will cost Rs 522 per month, for 9 months it will cost Rs 424 per month and if you buy 12 months plan, you will spend Rs. If you buy it together, then you will get this plan for only Rs 400 per month. Yes, for just Rs 400 you will get 200Mbps speed for the whole month, let us tell you that GST is included in this price, tax will be added separately.

If you are an OTT lover then Exile also has two additional plans for its users that you can go for with the existing plan, the first OTT Standard which costs Rs 100 per month (inclusive of GST), and OTT Premium which costs Rs 200 per month ( GST separately). tell me

Jio Fiber 30Mbps Plan: See Benefits

On the other hand, Jio Fiber of Mukesh Ambani's telecom company Reliance Jio has only one plan for less than Rs 500 and this plan will also offer you only 30Mbps speed.

The price of this Jio Fiber plan is Rs 399 (GST separately), this plan comes with a validity of 30 days, and with this plan, the upload and downloading speed will be available at the speed of 30 MB per second.

Also, the facility of unlimited voice calling is provided on any network. If you buy this plan together, then you will only benefit that you will get 30 days of extra validity from the company. On the plan of Rs 399, you get this plan for less than Rs 500 per month even after charging 18 percent GST


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