Get Solar AC Installed At Home And Office, You Will Get Relief From Electricity Bill

The rainy season is going on, due to which both the heat and humidity have increased in the houses, the cooler also does not give relief and the AC installed in the house also generates a lot of bills for running too much. But now it is going to be easy to get rid of the expensive bill of AC because now Solar AC is available in the market in which there will be no tension of electricity bill and you can enjoy the cool air of AC 24 hours. Although solar ACs are definitely 2 to 3 times more expensive than electric ACs, the cost will control your monthly bill. That is, the tension of electricity bill will definitely go away.

But now you do not need to think much about buying solar ACs because you can buy them on easy EMI also. And once the solar AC is installed, the electricity bill of the month will give you relief. Solar-powered AC will not only give you relief from the heat but you will get a lot of relief from electricity bills.

Know the benefits of Solar AC

Presently Solar ACs are available in the market with capacities of 0.8 Ton, 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, and 2 Ton. You can buy according to your need. These are present in AC windows and splits. According to statistics, solar AC can save 90% electricity compared to a normal window and split AC. Not only this, running normal AC for 14 to 15 hours consumes 20 units. And if you look at the account of the whole month, then about 600 units are consumed, due to which the electricity bill from AC comes to Rs 4500. On the other hand, if you use solar AC, then your bill may be very low or even negligible.

Solar AC Price

The parts of normal AC and solar AC are almost the same. There is a lot of difference in the price of these two ACs. In Solar AC, the solar plate and battery have to be taken separately. Which is the source of your low power. Solar AC is completely eco-friendly and its coils are made of copper. At present there are many companies in the market which are selling solar AC. Price of Solar AC The price of 1500 Watts of Solar AC 1 Ton comes to about Rs 97000, while the price of 2500 Watts of Solar AC 1.5 Ton goes up to Rs 139000 Lakh, not only this, the cost of 3500 Watts of Solar AC 2 Ton is around 1, 79,000 lakhs goes up to Rs.

At present, there are many companies in the market that are providing solar AC. Solar panel plates and DC to AC converters are also available with Solar AC. These solar panel plates are installed in the open space in the house, now the better the sunlight, the more electricity will be generated. DC battery will be charged from this solar plate, through which electricity will be available and solar AC will run, now there is no tension of electricity bill.

Solar AC works like this

Solar plates are installed according to the number of tons of solar AC. Now suppose if you install 1-ton solar AC, then a 1000W AC solar panel will be installed in it. This solar panel is linked to your power socket, then the solar panel will generate electricity from sunlight, which will run your AC. The special thing is that if you do not run Solar AC after the summer season, then it will reduce the regular electricity bill of your house.

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