Top Android Apps That Will Make Your Work Easier, Know Their Features

Nowadays, most of the work of people is done only with the smartphone, such as bill payment, shopping document management, etc. To use all these features, you just have to download a few apps from Google Play Store on your smartphone and you can do all your work from the comfort of your home with a single click. We are going to tell you about some such important Android apps, downloading which will make your daily tasks easier. Let us tell in detail about these apps and their use 

Google Files

Google Files is an all-in-one app for Android apps. With its help, you can easily transfer, store and browse files of any size. Along with this, you can also transfer any file from one Android phone to another Android phone in minutes with the help of this app. It also manages the memory of your smartphone well, in which you can delete any old and unused files as well as remove junk and duplicate files easily.

Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite

By getting an unlimited data plan, people do not keep records of their usage and use data comfortably. But if you have a limited data plan and want to keep track of its usage and expiry, then Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite app will prove to be helpful for you. You can easily download this app from Google Play Store. This app helps you to do data management and also you can get your usage and balance data information with just one click.

Cam Scanner

Earlier it was a very difficult task to get the documents scanned and converted into PDF files, but now you can do this work sitting at home with the help of your smartphone in minutes. With the Cam Scanner app in the Google App Store, which can easily convert any of your documents to PDF. With this app, you can scan your required documents like photos, pan cards, aadhar cards,s and mark sheets and save them in PDF. In this app, you also get the option of size, using which you can save any document in small or big size according to your need

Keep Notes

The Keep Notes app on the Google Play Store is also a very important app in today's digital era. It works like a digital diary in which you can easily make a list of things like important notes, checklists, and household rations from your work. In this, you also get color options, which you can like according to your need and wish. Apart from this, you can also add text to drawings and photos in this app.


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